The first version of the Team 10 Dads logo. Initially, we talked about having ten different beer bottles or hats or shirts.  However, Team 10 Dads specifically chose "dad attire" like cargo pants and long white socks to wear when they gamed. We recreated this by gathering assets that represented "dad attire." At some point, it dawned upon us that if we lined up the hat and socks we could almost make it look like a person, so we grabbed a pair of glasses to create a face with the zero. The team organizer requested a few changes in the final version.
The final Team 10 Dads logo. We changed out the underwear in the initial design for a fanny pack and added the word "Team," which shifted over "10 Dads" and the hat and socks. The organizer went with this version for their shirts. We were asked to stay with black typography and icons since the team didn't have the budget to print color logos on their shirts.
The Team 10 Dads logo on white polo shirts. Each member received a shirt to wear at some point during the Warhammer 40K tournament in Anchorage, Alaska.
Team 10 Dads. Five are wearing their polo shirts for the final round in the tournament.
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