The images provided by the Folk School Fairbanks for their half-page ad.  Each photo is from classes that had been held earlier in the year.
The initial design featuring a selection of photos and a map of Pioneer Park where the school moved in July 2018. The list includes past and upcoming classes in addition to using text from previous promotional ads created by Pagesculptor Studios for The Folk School Fairbanks.
After the first round of reviews, the school decided they needed to cut the map since it didn't show the area they were in, generalize the list, streamline the header, and switch out photos.
At the same time, this version of the ad was created because several reviewers felt too many images cluttered the ad.
The final version of the ad used. We moved the pine cone silhouette to make it more visible, cleaned up the shadows along the baskets, and switched out the Pioneer Park photo.
The half-page ad as featured in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.
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