Existing map and FAQs regarding the Donlin Project that the Northern Alaska Environmental Center (NAEC) wanted to incorporate into one graphic.
Additional FAQs NAEC wanted to incorporate into the final graphic.
Selected vector map of Alaska downloaded from Adobe Stock images.
Our first attempt at a graphical representation of information. At this time we thought the image would appear on a banner or flyer.  After submitting this draft it was clarified that the graphic needed to be a below the fold graphic for a newsletter.
A visual representation of where the graphic would appear in the newsletter.  This is actually page two of the PDF. Page one was a mock-up of the front matter.
At this time we also clarified the preferred color theme with a palette provided by NAEC.
A map of the rivers and tributaries affected by the area.  NAEC decided to incorporate these into the map in the next draft.
The second draft was much closer to what NAEC wanted. The highlights are comment areas in the review where we made some copy edits.
The third draft came down to a few minor copy edits and one last color change to the bar beside the total footprint on Alaska.
The final graphic submitted for publication to NAEC.
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